It was not so very long ago that music played at a funeral would often be traditional, reflective and sombre, with perhaps a hymn or two followed by a soothing classical music piece. Times have changed, and ‘It’s not Unusual’ to hear anything from ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ (from the film ‘Life of Brian’) to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin.

If you are planning to include music within a service of remembrance, I will be pleased to help you. When chosen carefully, music can help revive memories of special events in our lives, from schooldays, memorable holidays, the first dance on a wedding day, or what was ‘Number one’ the day a child was born.

Suggestions for songs which have become popular at funerals can be found on this music list.

Although some churches have certain rules on what music can be played, things are a little more relaxed in crematoriums. I can help you choose and source what pieces you would like, as well as where to fit them in to the service. Once again, there are no rules on how we do this, but a typical service might begin with music as we enter the room (Processional piece), followed by a moment of ‘Reflection’ somewhere near the middle, and finishing with the closing music (Recessional), often an uplifting song, as we prepare to leave. If you are planning a longer service (often referred to as an extended service), you may wish to add a fourth piece of music.

For more religious services, hymns will be the preferred choice, and I can help you choose any you would like to include within the service, from a vast library of popular hymns. Click here for online clips of some of the most popular.